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Alina Derya Yakaboylu is an independent Designer.
Her work is concept driven but always keeps an emotional and personal approach. Her practice reaches from designing books and posters to complex visual identities and art direction with a focus on cultural and social fields. She works with Institutions as well as with individuals. 

She is also part of the Studio Rose Pistola.

Her graphic work also provides the basis for personal projects on which she works continuously.

Alina Derya Yakaboylu studied grapic design at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Augsburg an the Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Universitesi, Istanbul

In 2021 she was awarded with the Kulturpreis Bayern  for her theoretical master thesis on neighborhood research from the perspective of a designer.

selected Clients+Collaborations

Neue deutsche Organisationen, Berlin
Breauxzine, Berlin
Weißenhof Museum, Stuttgart
Spoiler Aktionsraum, Berlin
Mohammed Samad / NIKE, London
FORUM, München
Katalog Film Productions, München
Goethe Institut
Galerie Sammlung Amann, Stuttgart
Friedensfest, Augsburg
Sedef Adasï (Artist, DE)
Brechtfestival, Augsburg
City Club, Augsburg
Even/Odd Films Agency, Portland (US)
Gabriele Space, München
House of Gül, Portland (US)
Radio 80000, München
Orbital Reflector, München
Living the classical life, NY (US)
Hara Shin (Artist, DE)
Marie Zrenner (Artist, DE)
Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Project, Berlin
Zam EV, Augsburg
Studio Julian Warner
Netzwerk Münchner Theatertexterinnen
Blitz Music Club, München
Kültürtage, Augsburg

Teaching: 2023, HFG Karlsruhe, Project: C.A.L.A.

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